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Super MNC

Action, strategy, and above all lots of fun

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Super MNC is a third-person action game that combines the best of uninhibited action titles like Team Fortress 2 with the strategy and planning of games like the awesome DOTA.

So, before starting, you have to choose one of the many characters at your disposal (called Pros). Each of them belongs to a different class (commando, defender, hitter...) and is specialized in a concrete strategy, for which you will have to make sure to find the one that is best adjusted to your style.

The clashes take place by teams, for which you will need to ally yourself with other human players to eliminate the rest of the competitors. You can, of course, use from firearms or hand to hand combat to combat robots that do the work for you.

As you play and gain experience, you can personalize your character and improve some aspects that will make the games easier and more fun. It's all a question of experience, practice and, sometimes, some patience.

Super MNC is an extremely fun action game that combines the best of two apparently distant worlds with a commendable result. The best of all is that you can play indefinitely without paying a single Euro, as the game is completely free.